Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcome to my first House Party ! We celebrated my birthday with the fabulous Digiorno's
Their newest pizzas include breadsticks and dipping sauce. All in one box! You can cook the breadsticks and the pizza at the same time. So everything is served hot & delicious. I received the following in my Digiorno's Champion House Party Kit:
6 Coupons for FREE pizza/breadstick combo
 15 Coupons for $4 off pizza/breadstick combo ( every family received 2 coupons each)
1 Supreme Pizza Cutter
 15 Party Necklace/ Beads (all the kids loved these & our celebrity look alike Mr T)
 1 Referee Apron (how do I look in it?)
 1 Refrigerator Magnet/Clip
16 Drinks Coasters (we used them for a prize drawing as party was outdoors)
 2 Trivia Table Tent Cards
 1 Basketball "Hoop" Beverage Can Game

All of my party guests loved the Digiorno's Pizza and breadstick combos. Especially the breadsticks. They were gone in a heartbeat. Although it was close, the pepperoni pizza beat out the cheese & supreme. However,only by a few slices. While the kids played basketball, the adults played pool and just relaxed enjoying the Florida Sunshine.  Food, Fun, Family & Friends!
It was a great way to celebrate turning 29 again.
I highly recommend the newest additions to DigiornosPizza! So be on the lookout at your local stores.
Also if you would like to try DiGiornos or another great product. 
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sues2u2 said...

Looks like it was a great party. Love the pix of you in the apron. And that cake. Um, did somebody try to make a cake wrecks there? (w/ the name - he,he)

It really sounds fun. I'll have to look for the bread sticks.

AND Happy Belated 29th! (again - lol)