Thursday, November 26, 2009

I stayed up until 3:30 a.m. keeping busy. Cleaning, prepping and entering a few sweepstakes. Hoping that I could and would just fall into a deep, dark sleep for at least a few hours so I could forget. But NO, 5:30 a.m and Lissa's lock box breaks open and the flood of tears began. We should be having coffee right now. Sneaking off to Kmart. It was our special one on one time. Just you and I, Dad. Just like Black Friday was my time with Little Sissy, aka Baby Brat. Those days are no more.Everyday is a struggle to find a new kind of normal. A twist on an old tradition. This year it is ham and some kind of roast that mom is making that I think is suppose to be like prime rib. We'll see how that turns out. Of course the homemade mac-n-cheese is still in. Some things will never change. Bro and his family will be out of town. So that bums me out. However we will do our best to play some games and stay competitive just like you would want us to.
Hey, we are survivors. We are winners.
I just want to know...Why, oh why did you both have to go?
Two of God's most precious gifts in my life? When will the pain of your absence subside? if ever?
I will be forever grateful for all of the love that you gave me and carry and it with me forever.
However there will also be a 2 holes in my heart,
just like the 2 empty place settings at the table reserved just for you both.
All my love,
Big Sissy

Friday, November 6, 2009

I have a little bit of internet access, FINALLY!! I am sharing my son's computer when he is at school and firing up old T-rexi when ever I can get her started and get a signal. Managed to make a few posts on my other blog and even have entered a few sweeps. Yippee! It feels good to back on the blogging bike again. Even though I tend to fall / get pushed off. I have been promised that dear old Santa Claus will be sliding through my attic with wired internet access come Christmas morn.
I sure do hope that is the case or someone will be sleeping in the shed in 2010.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This week Jamie wants to know: What Do You Wish To Experience?

A continuation of Wake-up calls (aka thumps on the head) that will help
me on this journey of self discovery. I ask that God, the Universe and the Angels to keep sending me the signs , as well as the courage,compassion and wisdom to know what to do with them. I pray to experience strength, healing, JOY and YES! a Miracle or two. It is also my hope that I can continue to be and meet those that are a "friend to man"


On a lighter note, I wish to experience unlimited internet access on a computer that is not borrowed nor ancient!! lol
Now on to you....What do you wish to experience?