Friday, January 29, 2010

The Next Chapter: The Happy Book
(Click on link on my sidebar- IE is trying, but not succceeding in giving me grief)
I am in a great group. We will be sharing this book. One person has a week with it and sends it on it's merry way to next person. Because there were so many of us that love being happy, we have four copies of this book travelling all across the globe. I am so excited to be a participant on this journey. I will definitely be learning patience. My turn with the book is not until November:)
However, I still get to see what is making my friends smile every week & share my own Happy thoughts. Here are a few of my happy's for this week:
A little bit of chocolate and a lot of conversation with my mom.
My husband's sense of humor.
Getting organized -I labeled 77 pairs of socks this week!
Report cards with straight A's
Homemade steak & potato soup
Flapping my arms & trying to fly on the Wii Fit
It definitely is not the same as when I fly in my
Twittering for charity
Hazelnut Cream coffee from @TheFineGrind
Prayer & Meditation it WORKS!
An invitation to dinner with old friends
Winning 50 boxes of Kraft Mac-n-Cheese and being able to share this with others.
Football weekends with family and Chips & Dean's Dip (Yummy)
T-rexie my prehistoric computer-she's old but she works!
My brother making Captain at the Fire department ( Big Sissy is so proud)
One World, One Heart Magic Carpet Ride Giveaways
I was a little bummed that I didn't have the foresight or finances to participate.
But there is always next year:)
My cousin and his wife are due to arrive in town this morning. I have only seen him 3x in 25 years! I am sooo excited to be able to spend time with them over the weekend. Woot!
Next week I hope to be able to share pics or video.
I will use my son's computer and have him help me.
Until then...
What makes you HAPPY?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Campbell will donate $1 (up to $625,000) to the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women movement for every Tweet today that includes the #AYH hash tag.
Also tonight there will be
Exclusive Q&A with Tim Gunn!
and prizes!
All for joining Campbell's to help a worthy cause.
So start tweeting #AYH
and help the American Heart Association Right now!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Come join the fun with the #Mamavation gang and sponsors for fab twitter party with prizes . Click on the link for more info. Hope to see you there:)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This week Jamie asks: What do you wish for your Family?

Good Health
Happiness & Harmony
Safety & Security
Financial Stability
Peace & Prosperity
Compassion & Comedy
and above all

My family are my friends. My friends are my family.
I am very blessed to have a wonderful family. I always wish and want what is the best for them.
Life would not be easy if they weren't here. I'm praying that those that
are still on this earth will be here for some time and that they will be blessed abundantly. As for those that have passed on, it is my wish that they are enveloped in the light of the greatest love that they have ever known . That they are rejoicing and of course saving a seat at the JOY palace for me, when my time comes.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dear Sweet Karissa,

Thanks so much for all of the good times on OLS. Thanks for reaching out and helping fellow bloggers. Thanks so much for helping me look at the world through a green lense. I wish I had known your sorrow, for I would have done anything to help you. I am heartbroken for your family, your friends and myself. You were a ray of light to this world. May your light now shine forever in the Heavens above. Peace be with you my friend,
Forever you will be remembered & forever I will say "that just fries my bisquits" and think of you!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

This bloggy frog is thrilled to have the opportunity to win a bed for her tween, Bubbles.
It's not cool to be sleeping on a couch in your own LiLy Pad. Unfortunately big bro: BoBo was leaping around and jumped on Bubbles old bed. The frame broke and that was the end of the old mattress as well. Do you need a new place to lay your head? Check out:
They have the most comfortable beds around town.
Hop on over to see

If you win, you'll be leapin' up & down, like me!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This week Jamie wants to know:
What dream do wish to explore?

Do you dream in vivid colors? I do. Every night. Whenever possible I try to write down my dreams (even if this mean scribbling in the dark, half asleep!) Dreaming is usually a
a wonderful time for me. I find that I receive messages and can gain insight into what is going on in my life. Many times I have had a dream that came true. At night before I go to bed
I ask God , my guardian angels & my guides:

"What do wish me to know"
"Can you give me answer/sign regarding..."

Also, I ask for the means to interpret my dreams correctly. After all,
I am LeapnLissa La Latte and sometimes I need a thump on the head:)

Guidance in my dreams is a great thing. I believe it helps me in my every day life.
For my biggest daytime dream is :

"to be a friend to man"

In any way that God & the universe want me to be.
Although I have many wishes & aspire to do many things, this is my main goal in life. I will always be successful in my endeavors if my heart is in the right place.
I think loving others and accepting them for who they are is a great place to start.

What are your dreams my wonderful,bloggy,froggy, wishcasters?

Joy,love & light to you always..