Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This weeks question is:

What Do You Wish To Share?

Well I guess I am going to share the truth as to why I haven't blogged all summer.

Let's start out with limited internet access. T-rexie is not what she used to be and when she is working sometimes I still could not get a connection, which still to this day is sooooo frustrating. I have been promised a a wired connection by Christmas. I may crawl or possibly fall through the attic myself if necessary to get this accomplished. There were times I did get on the computer. Usually late at night or in the wee hours of the morning. I admit it. I was on facebook. It just so happens that after numerous invites I finally sucked it up and signed on. My high school reunion was this year and afterward everyone else was chatting so I figured why not? I'm stuck in the middle of foreclosure city and I am bored silly. One can only read so many books. Which I did. About 30, at last count. And then there is the big TRUTH. I got a pair of double D's. Now don't excited. I am not talking about my breasts. Even though I wouldn't mind a new bra and a pair of those inserts that look kind of like rubber chicken cutlets to enhance what I once had and lost. No, I am talking about Double Depression. The economy had me down and so did the grips of grief. I am missing my sister and dad like crazy. Currently I am trying to get myself back on track in all aspects of my life, including blogging. I have decided to take baby steps and to just be in the moment. Whatever that might BE. I have missed my soul tribe and hope that you can understand.