Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Haven't been blogging, I'm somewhere in the pumpkin patch.
I hope the first days of fall have been treating you well.
Be back soon.
Peace,love & light

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This week JAMIE wants to know:

Where Do You Wish To Grow Your Confidence?

Here in Florida there is an abundance of fruit trees.
 I love the fact that I  can go to Grandma's house
and pick as many oranges and grapefruit as I need.  There will always be fruit on ground. Some bruised, still green or even rotten. But I don't worry about it. They were not meant  to be. The tree is full of luscious fruit waiting for me to enjoy. This is how I would like to view myself  and my self esteem figuratively.
Instead of constantly worrying about whether or not I am the perfect mother,wife, sister,friend,aunt, grandma-to-be and writer, (Not to say about constantly wondering if I look too old, too fat, etc...) I would just like to leave the excess baggage on the ground.  Be confident in the fact that I am in the here and now.
 I have been blessed to BE ME.
 And just like Grandma's fruit trees, abundance awaits me.
Would anyone like a glass of fresh, squeezed juice?

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