Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What Do You Wish To Read?
First let me start off by saying that I wish for more time in my easy chair and a better pair of reading glasses. Also I cannot wait for school to be out for the summer. Right now my calendar is booked solid with appointments , school functions, graduations and parties, birthdays and a wedding. Hopefully I will be able to schedule in my own Mom on Mother's Day!
Currently there are five books that I just have yet to finish and just renewed at the library.
1. Meditating With Mandalas by David Fontana
2. Let The Numbers Guide You By Shiv Charan Singh
3.Reiki for Beginners By David F Vennells
4. The Power of Less By Leo Babuta
5. The Complete Idiots Guide to Zen Living
By Gary McClain ,PhD & Eve Adamson ,MFA
Laugh if you will at the last one, but hey this nightime
Mermaid Moon Goddess - Daytime Earth Mother is craving some ZEN.
Also some friends and I shall be reading and discussing this book over the summer.
Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith
Maybe you would like to join us?
I'm off to read the blogs of my soul tribe, alas there never seems to be enough time. So, I shall add that to my list as well. Hopefully I can also learn to read and follow my own intuition a little better. For there is always room for improvement.Speaking of room-do you think that when Jamie
is finished remodeling that I could sneak inside and stay for awhile?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Come join the fun at:


In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day everyone takes it easy and looks forward to the weekend.
On Saturday I am taking my daughter and her friends to our local
Earth Day Tree Fair. There will be many fun and educational events. We will bring a few trees home to plant in our yard. Later in the evening, the Coach and I will attend a multi-year high school reunion. We look forward to catching up with old friends.

So what are your weekend plans?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

**Happy Earth Day**


What Step Do You Wish To Take?

Remember that game? Mother may I? You asked if you could take so many steps. Little by little your request was granted. Once you reached the end it was your turn to be Mother. Sometimes you never made it. That's because everyone else was asking for and taking much bigger steps.
In my youth reaching Mama was never difficult. Then I became an adult.
What was once so easy became much more challenging
even though I am the MOTHER.

I feel that I have made some great strides in finding the path that is right for me,
yet I still have a long way to go. For I am holding back. Life.
Some days I get it right,

get it wrong and then there are the "I am not so sure days."
There are times of Joy
( and they are wonderful)
yet also times of Sorrow.
I am still grieving and
quite frankly sick and tired of being told to "get over it."
It's time for me to get real with myself. And others.

So the step I wish to take is to:
Let it go
Let it out
In person and on my blog

My coming out party is set for June.
That's when this Gratitude Babe & Grief "B"

plans on really getting her groove on. I hope that you will stick around.
Also there is still time to sign up to get "Wonderfully Wrecked"
Step out and join the tribe:)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The Earth is filled will many magical shades of green. There is a place for everyone to find the one that suits them best. So do not be intimidated. You have to start somewhere. Be it with a reusable grocery bag, changing a light bulb or maybe just with a small seed and a little bit of dirt.
Take a step outside.

Get your Green on.
Earth Day-April 22,2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009
This weeks prompt:
13 Things I loved About My Wedding

It just so happens that today is my 21rst anniversary. I already posted a wedding picture of my husband and I on my Take Me back Tuesday post. Scroll down the page to have a look see.

1. The groom showed up. This is important.

2. My dress. It freaks me out now. But back then, I was Cinderella.

3. My mom. She and I spent an entire year planning the big event. I could not have done it with out her. She isn't just my mom. She is my rock, my friend.

4. My sister. Not yet a teenager. She was so excited to be a part of everything. Too old to be a flower girl, I made her a junior bridesmaid. To this day I regret not having her as my maid of honor.She grew up to be my best friend.
Then again, she fainted during the ceremony.

( thankfully I did not see it)

5. Dancing with my dad. We danced to "Never Be One" by Alabama.
I cannot hear that song without crying.

6. The bridesmaid dresses. You know. The ones you can wear again.
If they ever do a remake of
Gone with the wind.

7. My husband. Trying to leave the reception 1 & 1/2 hour into it. He was determined to get to the hotel. "Hey honey, lets eat and leave. "
FYI-He still is like that.

8. Ava Maria- Sung by a man, with the voice of an angel.
On this day, a good memory.

9. Pantyhose- My pretty white ones ended up being meant for toddlers.
My gal pal gave me hers. That's what friends are for.

10. My father-in-law- He wore a tux. Briefly. He changed into a flannel shirt. Yet, he did manage to give me a twirl on the dance floor. Which is a big deal.

11. The single gals/guys- Who knew the value of one bouquet/garter?
Watching desperate people fly through the air was hilarious.
If only there had been mud, now that would have been spectacular.

12. The food. The drinks. The music. We had it all. One big open buffet.
No one had to wait to eat, drink and be merry.

13. My friends and my family. Everyone was there. All captured in pictures. More importantly on video. Many of them of them left a special wish to the Coach and I. Some of them are no longer with us. I wish that they were. Especially our grandparents, my wonderful father and beloved sister.
Yet I am grateful for their love and messages that they left us.
For their wishes will last a lifetime.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What do you wish to clear out?
It's supposed to be an amoire. A neat and organized place for my clothes to reside. Look at this wrinkled mess! There are only two things that I can easily find. My cats. See that space on the left? They like to sneak in that spot and sleep there. It is time for me to get busy. My clothes will to be sorted and folded. Whatever I do not use will be passed along to friends or donated to charity. Sammie and Scrappy will have to find another place to sleep. Hopefully it will not be the closet. I have to work on that next. Is there anything in your house that you need to clear out? Do tell.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Well I'm back to blogging. My spring break sentence is over. How did I ever survive over an entire week without blogging and not go insane? Easy. Insanity already rules my world. All in all, spring break went pretty well. My older kids pretty much stuck with video games. However I did manage to get them to watch a movie with me. My daughter, her best friend and I sang Karaoke in the afternoons. We also painted Mandalas. It was so much fun. Before I knew it, my boys had joined in. The kids are very talented. My husband took a day off from work and we went to the beach. One member of our family turned out to be red, white and blue all over.(I'm including the eyes.) Guess who? Saturday was filled with the magical and enticing scent of rubber. That's right we had a flat tire and had to get a replacement. Easter was truly special. The turkeys had not thawed out so we went out to dinner. It was also my mom's birthday. My boy's gave her a special present. They got into a huge argument at the restaurant. For some reason she had no desire to come to our house for pie afterward. I wonder why? It's okay though. I ate enough for 2 or 3 people. Because I was so happy of course. Spring break,holidays and special occasions are just wonderful. So is everyday life. It's nice to be back.

Monday, April 13, 2009


This week my husband and I will be celebrating our 21rst anniversary. When we said "I do" we had no idea what that truly meant. Then again maybe the dear Coach did, his smile does look a little forced. However, I think that had more to do with him wanting to get straight to the honeymoon. It was time for the reception to be over as far as he was concerned :)
I had the wedding that little girls dream of. Including the dress. Of course now when I look back on it,I wonder how I possibly wore the darn thing. Between the ruffles, bows , hoop skirt and 2 bags of birdseed one of the groomsman threw down the front of my dress , it must have weighed a good 25 lbs. (maybe more?) This week the Coach and I will take a walk down memory lane. Probably in shorts and flip flops. Love is great.Hoop skirts and cummerbunds are for the birds.

Come join the the fun. Post some Take Me Back Tuesday picks of your own.
A Giveaway Addicted Mommy

Sunday, April 5, 2009

It was my hope to have blogged before now. However my computer was under the weather. Then I was under the weather. Then a few friends came over. Now Spring Break is here and................
there will be NO BLOGGING. I have promised my children and my husband some quality time. On the agenda: dyeing eggs,painting,karaoke,bowling and the beach. I dread the last one. I don't tan, I burn. And let's just say that I haven't found a swimsuit yet that truly offers what I need or desire. So I will just spray on the fake tan and the sunscreen and pray for the best. It is also my hope to read a couple of books and sneak in some computer time. ( computer time & blogging-there is a difference) We shall see how this works out. Have a wonderful week:)