Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beckham would be GREAT for my body! lol
BTW, I snapped this photo of his UK Sexiness when he was at my house.
Begging me to leave my husband for HIM. Or maybe I just got the pic from google images.

JAMIE @ Wishcasting
Today's Question:
What Do You Wish For Your Body?

There is nothing I wish for my body. It is perfect. My scale however, is in need of repair . When I step on it in the morning (in my birthday suit), the number is WRONG. It is showing my fully dressed afternoon weight plus about 4lbs. The batteries are working properly.So what is going on?I am going to have to solve this problem and soon. The question is should I lie on that big ball and do some ab crunches or continue to eat a few bags of sunflower seeds and towers of crackers made with cheese,salami and pickles every night while trying to figure this out? Another problem I have is with the mirrors in my house. I know what I look like. Hot! Sexy!Beautiful! Young!Healthy! Vivacious! So who is that woman being reflected back at me? There are no lines on MY face. MY breasts do not look like shriveled up tangerines swinging in a pair of pantyhose. MY teeth are the whitest of white. You could bounce a quarter off of MY abs So please send help ASAP-that muffin top is scaring the heck out of me.That is what I wish for. Or maybe just some motivation. Or maybe a dictionary, evidently there is a word called denial......
What do you wish for your bodies my friends?
Babe of Beckham wants to know:)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Jamie's got us to "Wreck this Journal"

It's been weeks since I have blogged. That is because I have been walking,running,diving and sleeping with scissors. School plays,band concerts,graduations,birthdays,a reunion, a funeral, and a wedding. Last night I crawled into bed with my new friend, Wreck This Journal. "WTJ" gets me (and my husband's snoring.) We fell asleep together to the sound of the rain coming from my Homedic sounds alarm clock. This morning we had coffee together. I spilled some on WTJ and there was no yelling (even though technically I was on the wrong page) Life can be hectic at times. Yet my journal and I are in this journey together. We are looking forward to having some FUN. Hopefully we won't be arrested for peeling stickers off of fruit at the grocery store. We shall see. Together we are looking forward to not only our adventures, but hearing about the adventures of our soul tribe. It's time to get "Wonderfully Wrecked."