Saturday, March 19, 2011

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I was selected as a host  for a House Party and Johnsonville Sausage 
I received the following items in my party pack;
  • Coupons for Free Johnsonville Italian sausage
  • Coupon for free Prego Italian Sauce
  • Coupon for free Sargento shredded cheese
  • Coupons for $1 off Johnsonville Italian sausage
  • coupons for free Johnsonville Chicken sausage
  • Johnsonville recipe pamphlet
  • Johnsonville Deli Bites
  • Johnsonville Summer sausage
  • Paper Plates and napkins
  • Spaghetti scoop
  • Apron
  • Oven Mitt
The food was fabulous and my friends and family had a great time.
Everyone received free coupons to take home and 
 homemade,spicy, Italian bean soup so they wouldn't have to cook the next day!
Thanks to Johnsonville. and House Party for making my party such a success.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Have you heard the news?  Vaseline is on a mission to rescue dry skin. 
The Dry Skin Patrol  is comprised of Hot In Cleveland star Wendie Malick,
celebrity dermatologist  Dr. Jessica Wu  and 3 real women, bloggers:
 Kailani, Kari, and Michelle. 
The women were searching the Web for a solution to their dry skin
 and were rescued by Vaseline. 
Be sure to visit the Home tab of the Vaseline Facebook Page to see footage from the tour, get a chance to meet the Dry Skin Patrol and ask them questions about their experiences on the tour, send a good skin day to a friend and obtain a free sample. Before March 31, be sure to watch the videos for the chance to win one these tour stop experiences for you and a friend.There are 4  great tours to choose from! Personally I would love to win the 4day/3night skiing trip to Aspen, CO. I haven't been on a ski slope since I was 14 years of age. What a thrill it would be!  Then again I might need to be rescued from the bunny slopes. However that's okay. One thing that doesn't need help is my skin. Thanks to Vaseline Intensive Rescue , I no longer have to be ashamed  of my dry "Alligator" arms and legs. Now I have soft, smooth skin. 
Spring Break is here and I am ready. Woot!  
If you have dry skin, be sure to check out the dry skin tips at  
Don't forget to visit the Dry Skin Patrol on Facebook . If you happen to win one of the exciting tours and are undecided about who take with you please remember this Florida Gal who would love to see some snow:)

In Accordance with FTC guidelines:
I was contacted by Vaseline about this promotion
 I received a bottle of Vaseline Intensive Rescue 
No monetary compensation was received.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Little "Bo Bo" loves his frog blanket
Just had to update you on how cute he is:)

Spring has sprung and I have been leaping all around town. 
The beach has been calling my name but alassome things are not meant to be.
 My son "DD" got hurt playing football. So it has been back and forth to the doctors office. 
The good news : He doesn't have a torn ACL. 
The bad news: He has a complex tear in his Meniscus & Grade 2 tear in the Ligament. 
So he will need arthroscopy on his knee. The doc said we dodged a bullet.
 (Tell that to my bank
At least all of my laundry is done. That is because my washer is broken and I have been visiting the laundromat. I try to read a book while waiting but then just give up and walk to the bakery. A double chocolate donut may not be good for my waistline but sometimes 
I just have to throw caution to the wind.
Which I am great at! If only I could say the same about softball. That's right. The girl who considers walking to the mailbox =exercise is now playing softball for the church team. I didn't want to. But my son was coaching and they would have to forfeit if someone didn't volunteer( or be forced to). So I borrowed my friends sneakers and got on the field. It was scary. 
But I survived and even made it to first not once but, 3x! Woot!
Granted they were walks, but they still count.
I've played 3 games so far. Last week I didn't strike out! I hit the ball every time I was at bat. 
Granted I didn't run fast enough to make it to the base but, hey! progress is being made.
I'm hosting a Johnsonville House Party this weekend. So we will be grilling and chilling.
Which is a good thing. Mama's tired and has a birthday coming up.
Anyhoooo. That's what's been going on in my world. 
What's going on in yours?

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thanks to everyone that shared their good news and also 
Congratulations to the winner  ProjectHope7 ! 
I will be contacting the ProjectHope7 by email. As with all my giveaways,
the winner has  a week to respond or an alternate winner will be chosen

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