Wednesday, April 22, 2009

**Happy Earth Day**


What Step Do You Wish To Take?

Remember that game? Mother may I? You asked if you could take so many steps. Little by little your request was granted. Once you reached the end it was your turn to be Mother. Sometimes you never made it. That's because everyone else was asking for and taking much bigger steps.
In my youth reaching Mama was never difficult. Then I became an adult.
What was once so easy became much more challenging
even though I am the MOTHER.

I feel that I have made some great strides in finding the path that is right for me,
yet I still have a long way to go. For I am holding back. Life.
Some days I get it right,

get it wrong and then there are the "I am not so sure days."
There are times of Joy
( and they are wonderful)
yet also times of Sorrow.
I am still grieving and
quite frankly sick and tired of being told to "get over it."
It's time for me to get real with myself. And others.

So the step I wish to take is to:
Let it go
Let it out
In person and on my blog

My coming out party is set for June.
That's when this Gratitude Babe & Grief "B"

plans on really getting her groove on. I hope that you will stick around.
Also there is still time to sign up to get "Wonderfully Wrecked"
Step out and join the tribe:)