Thursday, March 5, 2009


Sticks and Stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.

You know me as Lissa. Others call me Lisa, Leesee, li-li and my newest fave Lissy

Here are a few nicknames of my past and present.

1. Dinky

Given to me by my Dad on the day I was born.
At 6lbs 5oz I was the smallest bundle of joy he had ever seen.

2. Sissy Boo

My little brother wanted me to get off my mom's lap and couldn't say move.
I am still called Sissy Boo to this day

3. Mrs. Osmond

As in Donny.This one I chose for myself.
During pretend time with my little friends.

4. Pole Bean

Thanks Kenny. You call Candy "Legs" and I got nothing. Obviously.
Makes a girl in 6th grade feel so good.

5. Flat-Chested Woman

Thanks to Todd for writing this in my yearbook.
I would dream of you dedicating the touchdowns you made on the field every week to me.
You said it was too bad that I didn't have anything to fill my bra or you would go out with me.
Well it is too bad about that tire you swallowed.
You were not looking so good the last time I saw you.
Tell your brother Kenny I said hello.

6. Beep-Beep

Suzie was Toot-Toot. We liked Donna Summer.
We thought we were hot in high heels in Jr High.
We were not. Okay, she was.

7. Olive

As in Popeye the cartoon.
Nothing like 16 year old "frenemies" to make you feel
good in your bathing suit on the beach.

8. Peaches

He was my high school sweetheart.
He brought me peach roses and promised me the world.
He probably does not even remember this, but I do.

9. Material Girl

I admit it. I dressed like Madonna and I liked it.

10. Big B

Currently inscribed on my bowling ball. Is it my bowling average? (130)
The fact that at one time I said I was a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman)
My breasts?(long gone with the weight loss) or a diva attitude?
Who knows? But I'm keeping it.

11. MiMi Li

My kids' friends call me this.
Prevention is also the cure for the future.
I have informed my children that I am far to vain to ever be called granny.
They are now thinking about Granny Li.

12. Mom/Mommy

By far my favorite.
Except when I am in the bathroom or on the phone.

13. Eye Candy

Did I ever tell you that my husband needs glasses?
Oh how I love that man!


*Just Jen* said...

HA! I love those names! You were Pole-Bean and I was called Bean-Pole! LOL

Sue said...

Funny nicknames, I wouldn't be to happy about flat chested woman though. Luckily you never went out with Todd, he sounds like a real jerk - lol! Happy TT!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

Oh love those and i might have loved to be called Olive oil:)

Mary said...

I was called legs in high school, and it sounds like a complement until you realize that they were just making fun of my pale, knobby-kneed, often bruised from clutziness, 36 inch inseam, horribly uncoordinated gams.

I'm thrilled to have traded that nickname for "mom"!

CaJoh said...

OK, I admit that I have over 65 nicknames. Some of which are well known, many are like MiMi Li in that they require some explanation. Love the fact that you have so many as well.

Thanks for stopping by,

Anonymous said...

I have lots of different names, but I don't think I could fill out a TT with them.

Barbara said...

I don't think I could remember more than 4 nicknames. I like Eye Candy the best.

Lisa P said...

you know lady I get called the same! Li li and leesy are the ones my dad called me! What I call myself....Gumby hahahaha

Blake said...

Haha i love all of these! Thanks for stopping by my blog =)