Sunday, March 8, 2009


Secret # 9 Transcending Rejection and Roadblocks

It just so happens that the smell of roasting turkey is permeating my house.
This reminded me of of something discussed in this chapter.
the "smell of desperation."

I have doused myself in that perfume more than once in my personal life.
It stinks. Being open is one thing. Neediness is another.
Chances are it may happen again. I hope not, yet I am human. I'd like to think that I am more aware now and will catch myself before I immerse myself in it's scent.
Then again my husband has found Facebook and I admit I have been desperate for my computer time. I may just be reduced to begging to get online. lol

I really don't understand why you have have to leave an air of mystery
around everything you do. Are we not adults? Give me a break.
Is being an extrovert and friendly a crime?
I am so over this leaving them wanting more b.s.
It reminds me of all those dating books out there.
You know what I am talking about.

Appear aloof. Dress like this.Do not call them for ____ days. ETC...
Don't get me wrong.
No one needs to lay out a buffet if people are not going to show up for dinner.
But putting on a mask and showing up with an appetizer
is just playing pretend and not being true yourself.
If I like you I am going to tell you.
I think that should apply to your work as well.
That is just my personal opinion.

Which brings me to the the last part of the lesson.
The people I get advice from, inspire me and hang out with, etc...
are all true to themselves.
They are extroverts and introverts.
They are creative, intriguing,successful and mysterious.

This past week I have been connecting with some friends.
They also happen to run successful
In the next few months we will be bouncing ideas back and forth between each other.

We offer each other different aspects into
creativity,organization, networking & marketing.

We also will be talking about our families and friends.
This is a very exciting and fun time for me and I am looking forward to it.

As always I will continue my journey with my 12 secret tribe.
It is a wonderful place to be.