Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Manic: A Memoir
By Terri Cheney

Terri Cheney is an entertainment lawyer.
She's beautiful and successful. She's also got a secret.
She's bipolar and the meds are not working.
This is her spiraling staircase of a story and her experiences with manic depression.

"If I didn't tell anyone that I was going to Santa Fe to kill myself,
I figured that was more information than people needed,
plus it might interfere with my travel plans if anyone found out the truth."

With these, the first lines of the book, I took a seat and strapped myself in on Terri's emotional roller coaster. It was quite a ride. I was bounced to and fro, back and forth from different time periods in her life ( the book is not in chronological order) and at times felt frantic and fractured. Also not everyday do I get served suicide and shock therapy right after breakfast. Furthermore, I refused to flag down the attendant and tell him I wanted off the ride.
Hey! I am no Sissy.

Did I enjoy this book?
How do you answer that?
Yes? I am so glad that you suffered before finding answers.
What I will say is this:

I wrapped myself in her blanket of darkness
and crawled on the floor in search of the light
right along with her.