Sunday, February 15, 2009

Secret 6: Conquering Saboteurs
Build Me Up Buttercup
is playing in my head.
It's got a great beat. Sounds so cheery.
Yet in reality it isn't such a happy song.

Have you ever had someone put you on a pedestal only to push you off?

Or figuratively speaking , train for a year, load up your gear and
finally climb 3/4 your way up Mt. Everest. Then tell your
Sherpa that you just aren't "feeling it" the timings not "right" so you think
you will just pack it up,turn around and go home?

Ahhhh! The Mighty Gremlins.
They'll do anything to prevent you from scoring a field goal or a touchdown
in the game called life.

Doesn't matter if it is the offense or the defense.
They will do what they must.
Block, intercept, tackle.
Their goal is to destroy you.

My face has been pushed in the mud with these bad boys.
I have walked away scarred, beaten, bruised and broken.
Sat on the bench, with a towel covering my head.
The band kept on playing, the game went into overtime
and I came back and kept going.

So, now I ask of you
Will you stand still in fear , with the figurative football in your hands?

Or will you bop to the beat of your heart and get moving down the field of dreams?