Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I finally got soak in the tub
It was so well worth the wait.

For 2 weeks a beautifully wrapped,

scrumptious ,goody bag has been calling my name.
My friend
sent it to me.
Along with a nice little note, I received:

2 vanilla -orange zinger bath cookeez
Pink sugared cupcake shea whipp
and a wash cloth

Also enclosed was a tube of lime lip balm.
Which I most certainly needed.

I felt like a new woman after stepping out of the tub.
I smelled pretty sweet too!
So good in fact my hubby had to give me a smooch or two!

If you want to treat yourself or someone else to a scrumptious bath treat
I highly recommend that you stop by the bakery at

Who knows? someone might give you a smooch as well.


milk and cookeez said...

Ahhh, thanks Lisa, that was so sweet of you :) I appreciate your wonderful comments-Im glad you had a relaxing time.

Vicki and Noel said...

Sounds wonderful! I'm jealous!