Wednesday, February 23, 2011

 Untold News was founded by Marcella Rosen in January 2010. In 2002 she established the Campus Tolerance Foundation to research and create awareness about bias present on college campuses.
The mission of Untold News is to educate Americans about the Middle East and the  non-political aspects of Israel. Helping to present “the other half of the story” could greatly enhance perceptions of Israel in the US.
The video above shows an eight-month-old Palestinian child with a hole in her heart. She receives medical treatment from the charity  Save A Child's Heart Program based in Holon, Israel. This program has helped over 2500 children in over 40 countries where adequate medical care is unavailable.
You can also find other videos of help being given during times of need HERE
Untold News is offering one of  my readers a chance to win this tote bag:
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sues2u2 said...

What a wonderful program. My son had a hole in his heart. Luckily for us, it closed up quickly after he was taken off the ventilator.

My good news? My family is getting together this summer for a mini family reunion. I'm beyond excited!

ProjectHope7 said...

one person CAN make a difference! Once again, we can see that, through yet another awesome foundation or charity, like this one to help children with heart problems!

some good news? I just received news that I am going to be the recipient of an incredible SelectComfort bed in the coming weeks! This is an answer to much prayer from friends around the world. I have 3 complex tumors eating through my spine. 4 years ago I was given notice by drs that I had maybe a month... I am still here!( that's good news!)..but I live much of the time in bed, and I live with 24/7 acute pain... the hardships financially that arise when one has serious medical problems sometimes has disastrous affects on your daily living as well. So spending 70& of the day and night in a bed that has huge sags in it, is not condusive to healing or comfort. So you can see how this "good news" is lifechanging! I cannot wait!

cathy b
pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

ProjectHope7 said...

following on GFC!

cathy b
pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

Taleah said...

I was very sick when I was pregnant with my daughter, but just got test results back that now that she's born - every single one came back good! My email is on my profile.

Taleah said...

I'm following on GFC! If you want to visit me, I'm at

Anonymous said...

My daughter is going to nursing school. I'm so proud!


justlxs at yahoo dot com

Miss Spoken said...

My roof is finally painted and the 40 foot scaffold is not longer in my living room!!

Miss Spoken said...

GFC Follower

Anonymous said...

I got a new job and I love it:)


lilsweetgiiirl at aol dot com

missrantsypants said...

Good news? Ihop now has Chicken n Waffles! Which is my favorite, and I happen to have two coupons for a free meal at Ihop so they introduced it at the perfect time!

taylorbagels said...

my story is- my niece has has a cancer scare twice and is now okay, I'm thankful for that.

Jontko said...

My good news is that I got selected to host a house party for philadelphia cooking creme. Waahooo.

C Wills said...

My cousin is pregnant after trying for many years and multiple miscarriages, and this baby is healthy so far.

C Wills said...

Followed you on Twitter as CMACARAN

Diane52 said...

Great program...all my news pales by comparison- i adopted 2 boys from Colombia as toddlers, who are now young adults.
Diane Baum

Atreau said...

My great news is that my cold is finally going away after a week and a half.