Friday, September 24, 2010

      I  received this award from Sarah. It does not come with strings nor do I have to share with you 7 things. This award was created out of friendship, inspiration, joy and sorrow. It is Sarah's to share and hers alone.There is a beautiful story that comes along with it. I hope that you will take the time to read about her journey. You can find it on her blog >>>HERE
I often think of myself as a/an:
Momma Duck
Odd Duck
Sitting Duck
Lame Duck
and as of late a.....
Sneezing, wheezing, sniffling, coughing, "can't sleep at night" Duck
 (sounds like a commercial, I could be on to something)
but, NEVER or rarely EVER a SWAN

Thanks Sarah for seeing something in me that I refuse to see in myself. I don't like looking in the mirror. Or even inside my head. Therefore, I always have Vaseline or Zinc-Oxide on hand
 to keep everything hidden and distorted.  

Just because my chances of attending the Oscars, Golden Globe or Grammy Awards are not in the cards for 2010/2011, let alone squeezing into a skintight dress and strapping on a pair of stilettos, doesn't mean I can't give an acceptance speech. Right?

Thank you so much for this award.
It is a privilege. An honor. A blessing.
I dedicate this award in memory of 2 people 
that encouraged me 
and believed in me
even when I had no faith in myself.
Not a day goes by that I do not think of them.
To my beloved sister & daddy
I hope that I've made you proud.


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Sarah said...

Awww hon that was beautiful...and I see a beautiful swan! So wonderful to see you spread those beautiful wings! Let Fly girl!!

I really love that you dedicated this to two you have honor me by doing so!! Ok so ya also made me cry...that was beautiful!
Hugs and Namaste to you hon, Sarah

sues2u2 said...

That is a beautiful story & I agree w/ her. She awarded her gift to someone extremely deserving. YOU! You are always kind & nurturing, loving & giving in your praise & joy. "Wear" your badge proudly cause you are amazing lady!