Monday, May 10, 2010

Pomegranates have been around since approximately 4000 BC-3000 BC. Their appeal and medicinal properties have made them the subject of myths, epics and works of art, from Raphael & Cezanne to Homer & Shakespeare. Some scholars suggest that it was the pomegranate, not the apple that was tempting in the Garden Of Eden.

There are dozens  of different pomegranate. varieties, yet their juices are not created equally. Wonderful is the variety with proven health benefits. Pom Wonderful Juice is the  only brand guaranteed to contain 100% authentic pomegranate juice. It is all natural,contains no added sugars, preservatives, colors or cheap filler juices. Pom Wonderful is committed to your health. Over the past decade, they have provided $34 million  to fund world-class scientific research on pomegranates resulting in over 45 published studies. These studies examined the effects of POM Products  on heart,prostate, erectile function and other conditions. The health benefits are amazing! But lets face it, even if POM products are good for you, the question really is:

" Do they taste good?"
My answer is: YES!

 My family and I enjoyed the Pom Wonderful Juice by itself and also in 

I used the Pom Juice   to make frozen  ice pops for the kids and
also  made  POM Juice  ice cubes to add to my unsweetened ice tea.
There are many  recipes  located on the Pom Wonderful site. I intend to try more!
  Also there are forums for people like you and me!
So be sure to register and join the Pom Wonderful Community .
You can also find Pom on Facebook and Twitter
 Now, what are you waiting for? Be sure  to get yourself some Pom Wonderful today.
You will be glad that you did:)


I received a case of Pom Wonderful Juice for this review. 
All  health facts and other information were given to me directly from Pom wonderful .
All opinions stated about this product are my own.

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