Saturday, January 9, 2010

This bloggy frog is thrilled to have the opportunity to win a bed for her tween, Bubbles.
It's not cool to be sleeping on a couch in your own LiLy Pad. Unfortunately big bro: BoBo was leaping around and jumped on Bubbles old bed. The frame broke and that was the end of the old mattress as well. Do you need a new place to lay your head? Check out:
They have the most comfortable beds around town.
Hop on over to see

If you win, you'll be leapin' up & down, like me!


Sues2u2 said...

I hope you win! Too bad you're not near the boondocks of Arizona; I have a twin bed w/ a new mattress I need to get rid of. We just got the Princess a daybed that one of Hubby's co-workers was getting rid of.

spaznchick said...

I entered this too, but your blog post is so much cuter than mine! (Mine had a zero cuteness factor). So many froggy references. Thanks for the giggle.

Hire Php Programmer said...

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