Friday, November 6, 2009

I have a little bit of internet access, FINALLY!! I am sharing my son's computer when he is at school and firing up old T-rexi when ever I can get her started and get a signal. Managed to make a few posts on my other blog and even have entered a few sweeps. Yippee! It feels good to back on the blogging bike again. Even though I tend to fall / get pushed off. I have been promised that dear old Santa Claus will be sliding through my attic with wired internet access come Christmas morn.
I sure do hope that is the case or someone will be sleeping in the shed in 2010.


sues2u2 said...

Nice to see you back!

I've changed my blog & am now on wordpress. Just like the fact that my inlaws don't know where I'm at! hee,hee

Sues2u2 said...

yeah, accidentally signed in on google. Sorry. Follow my name to get to the new blog.