Monday, March 16, 2009


Living in Abundance with Positive Priorities

You may think I'm a little off topic here.
or quite possibly that I am hanging out in the


Yet I know who I am and hopefully you get
this quirky gal by now as well.

You see I get inspiration from many things.

When it comes to writing it is usually

the dark, dark place or the



people are my candles, torches and my dawn

Guess what? I have been soaking up the rays the of the sun and
absorbing the abundance in my life over the past week.
Also I have been playing the game:

Seven degrees of your friends and family.

It is amazing to what happens when you try to connect
all of the
dots in the universe.

Here is a little taste:

There has been a mini reunion of sorts going on in my life.
( husband/myself- friends from school days)
About 10 of us got together over the weekend.

One of my best friends (K) and I have known each other for 26 years.
We didn't realize it until this week that we had sat
in classrooms next to each in elementary school
and hung out with the same people.

My friend NK is in a relationship with G.
I had been thinking of my friends J & C on the drive up.

C just happens to be G's sister.
I used hang out at G & C's house all the time.

G & I have both lost a sibling.

S is a young widow raising 2 boys.

NM was also there we have been friends forever-she has been on disability.

NK has MS, yet you would never know it.
His spirit soars, I am pretty sure that he can fly.

M- fell off a roof 4 years ago and almost died.
He is still here to to tell the tale, but he didn't

K- started his own business.
Times are tough but he is determined to succeed.

T- has successfully gotten on the treadmill.
She also gotten rid of some excess baggage.

She doesn't feel the need to be super slim just healthy.

A- ended up being my comedic counterpart. We did not know each other in high school.
We got a kick out of each others past "reputations"

We could have spent the entire afternoon talking about scarcity but we did not.
We we were rolling in abundance of love and laughter.

It also so happened that I just turned 34 .
Okay,well that is not quite true. But if I am going to make something scarce,
shaving years off my age is acceptable if not creative.

Being 34 works for me:)

On Saturday, my husband and I went to dinner.
We placed our order with our original waitress.
( who happened to be just wonderful)

A different male server comes back with the right food for my husband
and the wrong food for me.
An apology was made with assurances that he would be back with the right order.
Another server comes along. Same thing happens again.

So I tell my husband:

3rd time is a charm. They come back again. My dinner is free.
Not 30 seconds later
Same order comes back with our original waitress.
A mistake was made and my dinner was free.
They gave me the accidental meal and
my original meal as well.

I have a thing about the power of 3 and the Law of Attraction, what can I say.

Moving on :

There is a store that I like one city over.
This is a special place that makes you feel all zen inside when you walk in the door.
I have been thinking of how much I miss that store, how I wish to go, etc

My husband surprised me with a gift card for my birthday.
(now you have to understand-my husband usually requires a list for shopping)
Much as I love him, he is usually a left-brainer.

Universe had a hand in it!

Moving On:


I had a wonderful time this week and weekend.
However I did have some scarcity thinking.
You see I miss my sister. I miss my dad.
I miss some people that have moved away.
Some physically and some emotionally.

A few people let me down and I was a little upset.
So I cried.

Yet then I talked with my husband about gratitude.
Then the most magical thing happened.
My friend called.
She has been receiving my letters and misses me as much as I miss her.
Unfortunately she has been ill and only now had just gotten a phone.
She is going to come see me next weekend. I am so excited.
We are going to stay up all night to catch up on everything that has been going on
in the last 4 months.
She is my soul sista.
She wants to know all about the 12 secrets tribe.

I cannot wait to tell her.

Prosperity and Abundance comes in many forms.
I have chosen to set both my personal and creative foundation with love.
If you build it they will come.
I place my my order and send it off to the universe.
I believe it will all work out for the best.
All is well.