Thursday, February 26, 2009


This week it's all about 90%

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneer Fans are loyal. However we can only take so much. After being "punked" yet again by the Glazer Family yesterday, with no Ashton Kutcher in sight, I fear that there could be a mutiny. A good 10% may jump ship leaving only 90%.
This number could be reversed in upcoming weeks-stay tuned.

2. Fashion shows are for celebrities. So save the trees and stop wasting our time showing us pictures upon pictures in magazines of models wearing dresses that the average woman will never fit into, wouldn't wear if they could and can't afford to buy even if they wanted to.
If I can figure out that 90% of your subscribers are real women why can't you?

3. Is your child in the top 90% when it come to the growth percantile? Well be sure to get a letter from you doctor so you can show the world. Take it home, laminate it. Add a couple bucks and buy a frame for it.However be forewarned. No one really cares as much as you do.We just want your child to be happy and healthy. Of course if your kid has a BMI of 90, we definitely will be talking about it.

4. Are you smarter than the average bear? Well now thanks to the internet you can take a free IQ test online. I did not believe that one test could truly tell how smart you are. Now I know the truth. I am a STONE-COLD GENIUS and smarter than 90% of the population. My results will be laminated and framed.
Of course these results will have no bearing on my daily life.

5. 90% of this week has been spent in my pajamas. I've been tired, bored, somewhat achy but definitely comfortable.

6. I have no idea what percentage of people do not eat breakfast, however 90% of the time I can count on the question"What's for supper" being asked, before breakfast is finished. This is annoying.

7. Car keys. Yes I have more than 1 set. ALso have a key holder on the wall. Yet 90% of most mornings I frantically search for them.

8.The truth. I will give you the truth 90% of the time. However I reserve the right to fib in regards to weight, age, dress size and to lie by distracting or omission. If you got an awful haircut that is not going to grow back in 3 years, you bet I am going to try to find something wonderful about it or work my way around it.

9. Evidently when you are arguing with someone they don't hear 90% of what you have to say.
I believe this is true. My husband never remembers anything. I have to constantly remind him that
I AM RIGHT and he is NOT.

10. If I had only listened to my parents, instead of my peers, 90% of my middle school years would have been so much easier.

11. The reason people can't stand cliches is because 90% are true.
Just ask the nice guy that always finishes last.

12. My son dislikes school so much that 90% of the time he is counting down the days until the weekend. Pretty much every morning he gets into the car and says " only __ more days"
Upon exiting the car he says" See you in the p.m."

13. 90% of people I know did not have advantages growing up that I did. It saddens me that my friends, neighbors and people in general did not receive what every child should.
I was raised in a wonderful, loving, family.

That's it for this weeks TT & 90%. See you next week :)


My expressions LIVE said...

90% of the time I am in the gutter!

*Just Jen* said...

I'm happy to share in #13 with you! Great list! I am 90% out of my office door now! lol

Janet said...

What's weight, age, dress size got to do with it anyway? Sheeeesh!

Celeste said...

i would say that 100% of your list is good.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

90% huh? What's interesting is that in many of these examples, 90% is quite good. (90% in jammies? Definitely good enough!) And yet, how many of us strive for 100% -- or more?