Friday, February 27, 2009


This week's secret is Selecting Empowering Partnerships & Alliances.
I haven't done my homework. Did not read the chapter.

I would like to blame it on blogspot.

The powers that be have changed things up over the last week and things are confusing.
Like who am I following,who is following me and why the heck can't I post a comment?
However I would be lying and that is not fair.

The truth is this:

I have spent quite a lot of time this week in my pajamas.
Have felt an overwhelming desire for sleep.
Also have been hungry as a bear before hibernation.
NO, I am not preggers.
Maybe this chickadee is in a funk.
Maybe I just need rest.
Maybe I just look hot in my Kermit the Frog PJ's.
Either way I am sure the women in my creative alliance will understand.
Have a great week everyone, I'm off to find a snack in the fridge.