Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I've just joined Wishcasting Wednesdays! Todays prompt from Jamie is this:
What do you wish for your space?
First I have a question. Jamie, were you at my house or in my head last night?. As I sat at the computer, then in my overstuffed chair, then at the table on my back porch, in my office (that would be the "loo") & walked to my mothers house, all I longed for was space. It seemed everywhere I went, that I was being interrupted.I couldn't even find a quiet place in my own head!

A single, male friend of mine lives in a big,beautiful house. Off to the side of his master bedroom is room with a big picture window, french doors that lead onto to the back deck & a fireplace. I dream of having a room like this. I would add built in shelves for my numerous books, a corner desk for my computer & a porch swing to be hung from the ceiling so I could glide in front of the fireplace. Also there would be a door, with a lock on it. Maybe with one of those signs on it, like you use at a hotel. I could put up "Do not Disturb","Creative Genius At Work" or "Touch this Door & I Won't Make Dinner"

I wish for this. I also wish for the space that I do have to be a little more spiritual & creative. For it to be kept clean & for things to be put back in their rightful places.(notice the angels facing backwards--they scare my daughter-they look at her.)For time to meditate & relax in it. Be it in warm water or empty and dry with pillows, paper & pen.

Wishing you space, Lissa