Saturday, January 31, 2009

Over the last few days I have been taking care of my mom as she recovers from minor surgery. (it's always minor these days-stitch you up-shove you out the door!) This has actually been a great time for me. I actually get to spend some one on one time with my mom and some quality time with myself. Also I have access to her computer. It is fairly new. ( are you missing me T-Rexi?)This has given me a chance to read and get to know more about the women participating in 12 Secrets of Creative Women (for more info click on the button in my sidebar)
blogged about being nice and speaking the truth. Her post spoke to me in more ways than one. I commented on my original thoughts. Then I got to thinking and thinking.
Then my gremlins just would NOT shut up.
Am I just being nice? Here I am determined to meet and greet everyone in our group. I read what they have to say. I post. Hmmmmmmm. Then I thought some more and I realized something. Jamie has an encouragement-box and I have one as well. It is reading and being inspired by creative women and their art. So whenever possible I am going to visit them and tell them how they have inspired me. For I believe that Strong, Vibrant, Creative, Beautiful Women should Encourage and Support each other. I learned this from one of the greatest women I know, my MOM. It is so missing in society and it is a sad, sad thing. Of course that doesn't mean that I won't speak the truth. However I won't blow smoke up your arse either. I can't promise you that I will be perfect. In fact I got a little PO'D last night. I felt someone wasn't being very nice. So I got a little snarky on Twitter, in a Saturday Night Live way. So I hope you will give me a pass. Next time I will just speak the truth, wherever it takes me.