Monday, August 29, 2011

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A couple weeks ago I won a $100 Coach gift card thanks to Simply... Inspired
The next day I checked out the site and was instantly reminded of my friend,
bowling buddy and lover of all things COACH, Diane M. 
She and her daughter Nicky always had a purse, wallet or shoes, etc.. 
I used to tease them all the time when we were bowling. 
I would say something like this:
"If your handbag disapears tonight, Diane, I swear I'm not responsible" 
 Yesterday, I was shocked & saddened  to hear that Diane had passed away.
 We had been out of touch. I didn't know she had been so sick and  
I had not been there for her. I didn't get to pay my respects at her memorial service.  
All of this playing over and over in my head as the tears roll down my face.
Then I felt a nudge, a niggle, a thought out of nowhere or maybe SOMEwhere. 
When did I win the gift card? When was I on the Coach website? And sure enough there it was. The day I was on the website was the day Diane went to Heaven. 
And maybe, just maybe she was sending me a message, I just didn't know it at the time. 
For the record there was a cute PINK, wristlet I wanted from Coach. However, I just didn't feel I needed it, so I purchased two nice, little Christmas surprises for people that I care about. Also, I always feel it is  better to share the love and wealth whenever possible.
Anyway, I already have two, small, but very nice Coach handbags, given to me 

by generous peeps that love me and know my fondness of Coach
I just wish I could have shown Diane my doggone cute handbags. We would  have had a Coach loving moment together one last time in person. 
However, I am extremely grateful for the moment or shall I say SIGN from the other side. 

Thanks for sharing the love Diane. You were always a good friend to me and that will never be forgotten.
 I  ♥ you , and someday I will see you again. 

In fact you better have a ( pink or purple) COACH handbag and bowling gear ready for me when we meet at Heaven's Gate.

In loving memory of
 Diane  M.
Nov. 1955 - Aug.  2011

©L.SoadyLutz 8/2011

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leanne said...

I have also lost a close friend named diane i know exactly how you feel. infact tomorrow is the 1st annerversary of her death and i am looking for a poem to write on her facebook page thats how i found you. good luck and try and kjeep your chin up.leanne