Monday, August 8, 2011

I have been watching TLC's Extreme-Couponing and am totally fascinated by how people can save so much money on groceries. It is amazing to me how many items these shoppers can stock up on and get basically for free. Many years ago, when 2 of my kids were just toddlers I was quite the "Couponer" However, I slacked off as my family grew. A couple of months ago I decided I needed to get back into clipping my coupons. The first time the Coach & I went shopping, it was a nightmare. It took over 2 hours because I had all my coupons divided into separate envelopes. Thankfully, I spent an entire night with my sister-in-law & she helped me get a binder, labeled dividers & some sports card inserts.  But guess what? It still isn't easy. In fact my family GROANS when I ask them to help me clip, sort & stuff my binder. Also we don't have double or triple coupons here so there is no chance I will be featured on TLC's extreme-couponing. What I do know is that clipping coupons can save you a lot of money if you are willing to the do work. In today's economy it is totally worth it. Listed below are a few of my grocery trip savings:

  1. Spent $170 saved $83 ( my first time. In my defense we had my nephews over & they love snacks!)
  2. Spent $80 saved $58
  3. Spent $121 saved $70 (this included 3 prescriptions)
  4. Spent $73 saved $63 
  5. Spent $22 saved $27
There are many sites/blogs that I follow to help me with this endeavor. To find them just search "coupons" in your toolbar. Better yet click on my Swagbucks banner to the left. You can search & earn points for prizes or my fave, Amazon gift cards. Here are three of my favorite sites to get you started:

It is my hope that as I continue to learn more about coupons that I will get better at saving money on my groceries. For now I'll just take it one day, one coupon at a time.

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sues2u2 said...

It is hard! I've been trying it too. I like coupon geek (blog that you can sign up for the rss feed) & coupon sense which does a lot of the coupon match ups for you. It does cost (the last one) but very worth it. Typically I save 68% or better & we don't have double coupons either.

On another note, I've been fighting w/ wordpress trying to get into my blog. The fires are over & we only lost 2 well pipes. Across the street from us looked like a bomb was dropped. 47 homes were lost across from us. The ff said that it was like a tornado & the fire literally rolled over top of my house. Every day I thank my Father in Heaven for his mercy & wonder why we were spared. Now we are dealing w/ flash flooding but so far so good. Usually our street just becomes a raging torrent that we can't use. All in all, we're good. Miss you friend!