Thursday, June 16, 2011

Coach holding our grandson for the first time! Easter 2011
I can't believe that summer is here! It seems like only yesterday our family was celebrating Easter. Our grandson was down for an entire week & we just were so overjoyed to spend time with him.My teenage daughter thought the way her dad (Coach) interacted with 'Lil BoBo" was hilarious. They definitely have a special connection. My hubby has always been great with babies & "Bubbles" just doesn't remember as she is our "baby" girl. After our joyous time with "Lil BoBo" she informed me that she was ready for a baby brother or sister. I told her to talk to God about it, as it will take some kind of miracle!

The last couple of months have been hectic. You know, end of school year rush..etc. I am so glad to be free of school projects until September.  Unfortunately, that means I am already hearing "I'm so bored" from my teens. lol We have gone swimming & they have also gone bowling thanks to Kids Bowl Free. I highly recommend you check it out if your kiddos are driving you crazy! It's a fun way to keep them busy & happy.
At some point I hope to make it to the beach. However, I hate fighting to find a parking space as well as wearing a swimsuit in  I SO want my teenage body back:)

Anyhoooo, I have missed talking to my bloggy pals & am determined to be a better blogger! It is my hope that your summer is going well!

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Snap said...

BoBo is a cutie! Enjoy your summer!

blueviolet said...

It is SO nice to see you around. :) I can only imagine how much you enjoyed having your grandbaby around. What a doll!