Tuesday, April 5, 2011

*Before surgery make sure they mark the right spot*

It's been a very busy, busy few weeks. I have not forgotten my bloggy, froggy friends
Just overwhelmed. Here's an update 
  • My son "DD" had surgery for a torn MCL & Meniscus. He is now going physical therapy 2x a week. He is doing well, my bank account is suffering!
  • We read the last rites to our 1996 Cadillac. She still looked fabulous but her engine couldn't be revived.
  • We now have my beloved sister's  1999 Mazda truck. It needed 4 new tires but it runs good and gets much better gas mileage. My hubby drives 90 miles round trip to work everyday so this will help.
  • I went a month w/o a washer and dryer!. Fortunately a friend at the church was moving and had an extra set. I am so thankful that I no longer have to spend a fortune at the laundromat.
  • I celebrated another birthday. 29 again:)
  • Every Saturday I get out on the field and play ball. I still haven't made it to first base, my legs just won't move as fast as I tell them to. I am hitting the ball though.
  • My shoulder was "thrown out" so I had to visit Dr. "McDreamy" & get a cortisone shot. Range of motion is much better. Staring at the Doc helped tremendously..lol
  • My Aunt & Uncle flew into town from Texas. It was great spending time with them and catching up. They treated us to dinner at Red Lobster and yes, I brought home extra cheddar biscuits!
  • I gave in & colored "Bubbles" hair. It is a mahogany color. Fortunately it's not permanent. 
  • My cousin is due with her first baby this month. She is having a girl . The baby's name is a secret. I think Lissa is great choice:)
  • Easter will soon be here and so will my grandson. Skype  and photos are not enough. I miss him so much and look forward to giving him lotsa love from "MiMi Li"

    Lil Bo Bo loves his shades

    Hope everyone had a great spring break!

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    blueviolet said...

    So glad you got the truck for hubby to use and the washer and dryer too. You are not kidding about the laundromat being expensive. It seems like 25cents will dry your clothes for about 3 minutes. It takes serious money to get the full dry!

    Woohoo for the trip to Red Lob!