Friday, May 1, 2009

Party Train-Gap Band

4th Annual Shyne Like A Star Virtual Dance Party
May 1, 2009

Put on your "Boogie Shoes"

Our resident Star, Jamie
Has invited us all to dance together today
With our "Heart and Soul"

So Shake it
Do the bump
Twist it
Tootsie Roll
Get off your rump

15 minutes of dancing
will free your soul
Be it with disco,hip-hop
or rock-n-roll

I shall be dancing in celebration of my son
I'm so proud of everything that he has done
College is not easy for everyone.
Yet for 2 years he has done more than just pass
He actually finished at the top of the class
And today he will will receive an award!
This "Bad Mamma Jamma" is so proud!

Join me on the "Groove Line" and let's "Get Down Tonight"


clairedulalune said...

Hey lisa, thanks for your comment, so I thought I'd come check you out! Did you dance today for Jamie? Fantastic! Mine was quite romantic in the end! So glad for your son, studying can be a tough part of life! Good on him! Nice to meet you!

Snap said...

Congratulations to your son!

The postman left me a surprise today. Thank you, dear one. I will put them to good use, I promise. I will blog about your wonderful surprise eventually! Formal thank you on the way! :D

positivespinhoops said...

Shaking it & shimmying it is my specialty! (I like to think)

Kavindra said...

Great video, even better rap you have here.

I'll add a few dance steps to help you celebrate your guy too.

Jamie said...

Party train is one of my favourite songs ever!! I almost put that up too. I'm grooving with you and with your son too!

Happy Dancing!

Genie Sea said...

Whoop Whoop! All Aboard the Party Train! So much FUN! YAY!

Congrats to your son! :)

Hybrid J said...

Wonderful and woooohoooo ... I'm still dancing on 02/05 ... :D

Bohemian Single Mom said...

haha - love it!

* award for you on my blog! on.....