Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Current Estimated Jackpot $81 million


This week
What is your money wish?

Now at first glance, it would seem that my wish is somewhat selfish. Maybe outlandish. Crazy, grandiose and definitely a fantasy. What are the odds that this will happen? I'd say NOT just as good as anybody else, but BETTER. Ooooooooooh. Now that is sounding like I am on something.
For many years the Lotto balls never seemed to bounce in my area. It wasn't until Hurricane Charley blew through here that the tides turned. The winds of change had come and the people in my community(and surrounding areas) were on the map in a good way. As soon as the numbers would come in, I started getting calls. They sounded like this:

Hey is there something you'd like to tell me?

We know you are holding back on us.

There was a winner at the Publix down the street from you.
Have you checked your ticket?

You see I believe that I am a winner. My friends believe that I am a winner. For years I have said that I am going to win the Lottery and I am going to win it. It's a done deal.Will it be this week? I do not know. It's a nice chunk of cash don't you think? Now the question is, what will I do with all of that money? Easy answer. Take care of the people I love. That includes my friends and family. Also I will pursue a lifelong dream. There is a man that I truly admired. His name is Percy Ross. He gave away millions of dollars to everyday people like you and me. I would love to revive his "Thanks A million" column and continue his legacy. As most of you know, House By The Side Of The Road(By Sam Walter Foss) is my favorite poem.Being a friend to man is a wonderful thing.Percy Ross was a friend to man.Here is an article about him and giving in general. I hope that you enjoy it .


Now what are you wishes for money my friends?