Monday, February 9, 2009

A very creative, inspirational woman who they whisper & wonder about in the art world:
gave me an art award.
That's right.
Uh huh. I'm feeling a little "My Fair Lady" right now. I love my Gypsy!
She's super cool, super compassionate & super talented!
And she picked me. Boooyaaaa! Thanks so much my friend & may I say, right back at ya!
Here is what I have to do that is the easy part:
7 things I love

1. My family are my friends & my friends are my family. Even the ones that are no longer "with me" Still love em, always will. Also my cats. They are part of the package:)

2. Beverages: Coffee (decaf) with sugar-free hazelnut creamer ( 1 pot everyday) &
Sugar-free Peach tea.
3. Reading. Books, magazines. I can not get enough. Pretty much any genre. Gotta have something to read.
4. Bargain store finds,freebies, & giveaways.
four kids means you have to be thrifty! If you think nothing in life is free, think again.

5. Music & lyrics: Music plays in my head, all day long. Lyrics speak to me.
6. Spirituality. God. The Universe. Angels.Nature-
There is something out there greater than myself. It speaks to me of the power of unconditional love. I will never lose my hope. I have faith.
I believe in miracles.
I am grateful for all that I have been given.

7. My gals in the

Which makes the 2nd part of this a little more difficult. I now pass this award on to 7 more people. I am giving this award to some of women in my #7 of what I love. There are many women in my group, all that deserve this award. I am giving this award to some women that hopefully have not been tagged yet.( Hello I am little fishie swimming in a large, creative Koi pond.) I appreciate their creative spirit, their encouragement & of course their art!

you are under no obligation to do anything.
You can accept it, reject it, pass it on etc. It's up to you.
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