Friday, February 20, 2009


Lesson 7 :Consulting With Guides
(Lissa had some trouble with this lesson, give her a good rap on her knuckles)

" There is a myth that in order to be creative you have to grow up in an
avante-garde, artsy, liberal, permissive family and experience extraordinary cultural exposure,travel, numerous lessons and educational opportunities,
as well as receive constant adoration for your creative gifts."

Well thank you Ms. McMeekin.
It is nice to know that you give a damn and are willing to speak the truth.
This peasant with a parasol has enough buttons on the back of her dress and is quite tired
of having her skirt ruffled over such nonsense.
For beneath my white gloves, a long legacy of creativity runs through my veins.
I have traveled far and wide and studied abroad. Sometimes without ever stepping foot off of my front porch. When you "Do Si Do" in my neck of the woods, you also get a served healthy dose of creativity to spark your imagination, along with sweet tea to keep you fortified.

The heat here can be, at times ,unbearable.
If I can barely breathe because my corset is too tight, am sashaying around like the only gal in town with a hoop skirt or heaven forbid, caught with my pantiloons down,
I know that help is just a carriage ride away.
A southern girl needs her friends. And those friends know who I am and what I am capable of.
They don't write me off or ride off into the sunset without me.
They always stay for supper.

As should you.
Tonight we will be gathering together once again.
We will be making lists. Sharing new information. Acquiring new skills.
We are highly creative women and have many secrets.
Who knows? maybe we will have time to play Charades.
The fresh, buttered biscuits are ready
Feel free to step inside the parlor.