Monday, January 26, 2009

The women in this group fascinate me. I am drawn to them. Their words and their works speak to me. So beautiful, yet painful at times. Do I belong here?Amongst the gifted? For I feel so at home yet lost at the same time. Which reminds me: my book has been lost somewhere in the "third realm" of the library. Tomorrow I will finally get to check it out. Today I rely on my intuition and the magic and power of three.

The mother,sister,daughter,
wife,friend and child in Lissa is
She is a champion of the underdog,an iconoclast, the mouth of the south
and a rebel with a cause. (and sometimes without.)
Lissa can "shake it like a salt shaker", whip it up with Woo-Woos
spice up the rice and mix naughty with nice.
She is not a cat to be crossed nor a minx to be messed with.
More than once the almighty have withered,
fallen and quite possibly turned to stone in her presence.
No harm shall come to those that Lissa loves.
Risk is always a part of her repertoire.

Irony is as well.
Lissa will risk everything on anything, on anyone or everyone,
yet not herself.
She will shake it, bake it and make it.
Yet to create it and take it to another level?
Hell No! She won't go! It's too risky.
If she says what is really going on in her head,
it might "mash someone's potatoes."
Lissa could write about life,love,grief and pain and actually submit her work.
Then again, there is a risk of rejection and that just won't do.
Lissa needs to get get a grip.
She needs to rip those snakes of doubt from her head and start taking some risks.
Or one day she is going to look in the mirror and find
that she has turned to stone.