Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The road to “you know where "is paved with good intentions. Well blah,blah blah. Here is my list of intentions for last week:

1.Blog everyday
2.Terminate my addiction to cigarettes . Period
3.Bust a move on the Dance Dance Revolution 2 ~via~ Nintendo Wii every other day to get a good work out
4. Meet up with 3 friends (same day) 1 town over ( 45 minutes away) -finally girl time!!
5.Finish my Gremlin box.
6.Clean out the kitchen drawers
8.New haircut-as in layers & color-think: razor sharp,dark & sultry
9.Don't cry
10.Pursue my dream of becoming a philanthropist via the Powerball.

However, this is what I managed to do:

1. Not destroy my computer with a sledgehammer. Read a few blogs that I enjoy when said computer was working.
2. Reduce my Nicotine intake by about 90%
3. Played badminton with dh for a 1/2 hour. It was brutal. I lost, but still looked good in the process(think Mary Katherine Gallagher/SNL)
4. Met up with 1 of my friends & had lunch at a fave Mexican place. We spent the entire afternoon together, drinking coffee, talking about our hair, food, shopping,music, the 80's,love, life, the after-life & grief. **Bonus** The kids only called me twice during the entire time!
5. Put a couple of things in my Gremlin box-It's getting there, the voices in my head can't stop me.
6. Rearranged the kids bedrooms (yes they helped, yes it needed to be done)
7. Meditated..twice. Even though 1 of the times it was only for about 7 minutes. Does under the biggest, most beautiful,full moon count for double time?
8. Got a “newish” hair style-no layers (hair too fine/thin-I knew she would say that!) However I did get a whopping 2 inches cut off the ends! also added some dark brown color underneath to give my hair some ooomph!
9. I cried, but I needed to. I can't hold it in all the time.
10. I managed to donate 3 boxes of clothes & misc. to Goodwill, have another set of clothes ready for the church thrift store. I received a $10 rebate in the mail AND the Powerball is still here, my numbers will come up! When the universe is ready & I'm ready for it:)

Don't put yourself in detention
Based on your Intentions
**Journey ON**

PS # 2 was decreased to 75 % today,when ½ of my blog was erased due to a defective computer mouse.( Arghhhh-Waaaaaa) But alas tomorrow is another day & I will remind my dh to put that darn patch on my me b4 he goes to work.