Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I have an exceptional dog. His name is Cletus. He is one of my best friends. We have fun walking together, talking together and of course, snuggling. However, unlike other dogs, he is free to roam throughout the universe. Cletus was created in the vortex and is around whenever I desire him to be. Whenever I have a contrast or even conflict in my life, I find Cletus is with me. Here are some examples of how we work together to stay in alignment as well as how Cletus or your own dog can assist you! Decisions are to be made. Today. Oh what do I do? Play ball of course. Tossing a ball back and forth is great way to have fun and become aware of what is the best choice to make. Focusing too much on what hasn't failed to show? Playing Frisbee is the way to letting go. So spin, release, relax and have a great time. Everything is well taken care of in your "vibrational" escrow. This you already know. Wobbling? Dizzy? My___________ is_____________, So and So is ____________, She said________He said____________ I want to be___________ , There is this ___________ that I just am unable to ________, blah,blah blah. The Merry Go Round in your head is on overdrive. Give everything to Cletus. Why? Because like any dog he loves to chase his tail. Oh no! I fell off my high "vibrational" disc and I feel___________. Help! I wish to get back up there but nothing is working. Time to hand over the keys to Cletus and just go to sleep. I assure you that when you wake up you will find......

Cletus and Clarity. They are a team. Peace, Love and Light Always,Lissa Lissa Signature Share Share/Bookmark