Friday, June 11, 2010

It's that time of the week. Bloggers come together and share what makes them happy while we wait our turn to write in the Happy Book that is currently being passed along the globe.

School is out for the summer. Yippee! Time for this mom to sleep in. I look forward to staying up late, catching up on some good books and watching some chick flicks with my daughter, Bubbles and my mom, MeMa. My nephew is on his way over to spend the week with us, so I have stocked up the kitchen cabinets with some of his favorites treats. Also I have ice tea brewing as I write. Buzz Jr, says that no one makes Southern Sweet Tea like his Auntie L. He is such a sweet young man. He always makes me feel appreciated, even for the small stuff.  My bro and his wife had DD for the past week. DD and Buzz Jr are best friends. It is so great to have family that are your friends. This is really important when you need a rabbit cage :) My SIL is the animal whisperer. My brother is like my dad was and can build anything. So when Buzz Jr and DD arrive , they will also be bringing Lila Mohawk her new home. My son Easy E and his girlfriend are involved in a local bunny rescue organization. That's how Lila Mo became our newest family member. I tried to protest, but darn it, she is so cute and needed a safe place to dwell. 

Isn't she adorable? Everyday I wake up and say 
"Some Bunny Loves You"

It is my hope that you have many things to be happy about today and everyday. If for some reason, you are feeling down, please remember that I do care. I am some bunny that loves you!
Have a wonderful week:)

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Monkey Mind said...

Bunny rescue? That's wonderful! What a cool thing to be doing...I'm very passionate about animal rescue in all forms. Have a great weekend and enjoy your new bunny.

Snap said...

What a precious new friend you have! Love that bunny!

foxysue said...

Oh, you sound such a happy bunny with furry friends and all!

Have lots of happy bunny days.

Ginny said...

What a wonderful post full of happy words, people and animals. I am so glad that some Bunny loves all of us. We all need to be loved. Have a wonderful week.

sues2u2 said...

How have I missed all of this?! Man, girl, you have totally nailed that saying. I was lol @ the whole some bunny loves me thing.

You're totally right. Having family & friends who love you is one of the best parts of this whole thing called life. And having animals who love & trust you is another.